I absolutely love making all types of clothes. Since I was in school I have been making things for my family and friends. My first job was with Triumph International sewing bras, and that really sparked my interest in becoming a seamstress. During my degree (Textiles for Fashion) we had a broad-based experience with different materials that we had to print, knit and weave with. Whilst I enjoyed the print and knit (I use knitting to relax as well) I decided to specialise in weave. Here I had to weave the material I wanted to make the garments from. For my final collection, I wove copper wire and silk on the same loom to create a unique fabric that I was able to produce structured garments from. This collection was instrumental in me gaining 1St Class Honours.

I am able to discuss your garment requirements with you at our consultation and advise you wherein the local area you can purchase the patterns, fabric and the haberdashery needed to manufacture the garment you are commissioning me to manufacture. I can provide you with a comprehensive list of fabric and items for you to purchase, alternately I can accompany you on a shopping trip to explore opportunities that present themselves in the shops (A fee will apply for that particular service).

Another of my skills is to alter patterns to produce a unique garment for your individual tastes and fit. Once I have cut your pattern, I produce a toile from plain cotton fabric to enable me to ensure the garment is a perfect fit.

At your first fitting, I will fit the garment to you and pin areas that need to be tightened, and expanded, to make it fit perfectly for you. After the fitting, I transfer these adjustments from the toile to the customer’s fabric and adjust the pattern to cut out the garment fabric.
This fabric is then put together to form a unique garment for you.

I have experience in the manufacture of children’s, ladies and gentlemen’s garments in both casual and formal styles. I also manufacture bespoke products such as christening gowns/suits (sometimes from the mothers wedding dress) and coats for dogs and therapy goats.

I pride myself on the quality of my work